Wednesday, April 26, 2017

ENGL 3053: Final Exam Study Sheet

ENGL 3053: Popular Culture: Zombies, Vampires, and the Apocalypse
Final Exam Study Sheet Fall 2017

Our Final will be held on May 9, 2017 at 4:00 p.m.  It will consist of two sections.  You may bring one (1) 3X5 inch index card with handwritten notes on it into this exam.

One will be short answer.  You won’t know the questions for these beforehand, but if you have read the class notes on the class blog (address ), you should be able to answer them easily.  They’ll be questions much like the following:

(1)   Why did apocalyptical fiction become so popular after WWII? Give at least five reasons.
(2)   Apocalyptical fiction deals with cultural anxieties. What’s a cultural anxiety again? (Give a brief definition, and then an example from a work we’ve read.)
The short answer section will be seven questions long; you’ll have to answer five, although you may answers all seven for extra credit. 50 points.
There will also be an essay section.  This section will have two essays on it, taken from the four below.  You’ll have to answer one.  This section is open-book; however, you may also write these essays at home and bring them to class.  I highly recommend that you write the essays at home and bring them to class already written. 50 points.
Essay questions:
(1)   We discussed, at length, the “pattern” that most apocalyptic fiction seems to fit. Describe this pattern, and then choosing at least two works used in class, discuss how these works fit that pattern, comparing/contrasting their similarities and differences.
(2)   I talked a lot about cultural anxieties. Choosing any three works used in class, discuss what cultural anxieties these works seem to be addressing.
(3)   Women in the apocalypse: The works we looked at in this half of the class had very different attitudes toward women. Choose any three and write an essay that compares/contrasts their attitude toward and use of women as characters.

(4)   Just as works about zombies and vampires aren’t really about zombies and vampires, works about the apocalypse aren’t actually about the apocalypse. What, then, are they about? Choose any one work we looked at in class and explain what you think it is actually about.

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