Wednesday, January 25, 2017

ENGL 3053: Assignment for February 2

Read these two zombie stories for February 2

Zombies in Winter, by Naomi Kritzer

Zombie, by Chuck Palahniuk

Also read: "World War Z and the End of Religion as We Know it," by Gayle R. Baldwin, in the journal Cross Currents.

You'll have to find this through the Boreham Library Academic Search Premier Link. Let me know if you have trouble finding it!

Friday, January 13, 2017

ENGL 3053: Syllabus

University of ArkansasFort Smith

5210 Grand Avenue
P.O. Box 3649
Fort Smith, AR 72913

General Syllabus

Course Title Popular Literature: Zombies, Vampires, and the Apocalypse                                 

Course Code    ENGL           3053                                                    Credit Hours        3  
                        Prefix        Number                                                     Lecture Hours      3  
                                                                                                            Lab Hours            0  
                                                                                                            Contact Hours      3_    

Instructor: Kelly Jennings
Office: Vines 139
Phone: 788-7907
Office Hours:   TR TR 8:00-11:00; 2:00-4:00; Or by appointment

You can also friend me on Facebook – I’m the Kelly Jennings in Fort Smith with this picture:

I have created a blog for the class; you will occasionally need to access the class assignments through this blog, and I will be posting class notes on this site.  The blog address is or you can google drdelagar teaches literature. If you have trouble accessing it, email me or come by the office.