Thursday, August 31, 2017

Global Lit: Class Notes: The Bible

The Bible: Introductory Notes:
The Canon of the Tanakh, or the Jewish Bible, is created, probably in reaction to the Christian incursion in the first century, sometime around 70 A.D.

Global Lit Enuma Elish and Gilgamesh

Enuma Elish: The Babylonian Creation Myth

Enuma Elish is an ancient Babylonian text (18th century BC / 1100 BC) which deals with the creation of the world, a war between the Gods, and the creation of humanity.

Global Lit Class Notes Creation Myths and Epics

Creation Stories / Epics

We’re going to be starting with a few creation stories and myths, along with part of an epic (Gilgamesh).

Global Lit Class Notes Introduction

Introduction to Global Literature is a survey class – this is to say, it is a kind of a bus trip through the world’s literature. This is not the best way to learn literature, but it’s a start.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Global Lit: Assignments for August 22-Sept 7

Tuesday, August 22: Introduction

Thursday, August 24: Read Enuma Elish, Vol. I, pp 3-8, 21-24. Take notes. Always take noted on the readings. There will be a quiz every day, and you can use any notes you take on this quiz. Take them in a separate notebook, not in the book -- you won't be allowed to use the book on the quiz.

Tuesday, August 29: Read Gilgamesh, Vol. I, pp 38-47, 62-88.

Thursday, August 31: Read Genesis, 89-103

Tuesday, September 5: Genesis, 103-117

Thursday, Sept 7: Start Plato's Symposium -- the text is online.

Tuesday September 12: Finish the Symposium

Sunday, August 20, 2017

ENGL 2013: Global Lit Syllabus

General Syllabus

Course Title INTRODUCTION TO GLOBAL LITERATURE                     

Course Code  ENGL    2013                                                   Credit Hours    3       
            Prefix    Number                                                          Lecture Hours   3      
                                                                                                            Lab Hours      0         
                                                                                                            Contact Hours   3_   

Instructor: Dr. Kelly Jennings
Office: Vines 139
Phone: 788-7907